Question Regarding Level 2 Challenge 22

I’m having a bit of a meltdown on Challenge 22 and I’d appreciate some help in understanding a few phrases. The times when these structures show up may be a little off but here they are

22:45 I don’t want sa i’n moyn Have I transcribed it more or less correctly? Where in the previous challenges does this phrase get introduced? Could I also say dydw i ddim yn moyn or is that too ‘formal’?

28:15 I said that he doesn’t want Dwedes I na gw??yn moyn What is the speaker saying please? I can’t make it out :sleepy:

And shortly after is the term he hadn’t told me Again I can’t uite make out what the speaker is saying.

Same for the phrase You hadn’t which comes up shortly after. Could someone transcribe these for me and point me to where they have previously been introduced? Thanks in advance for your help.

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You’ll need Southern help, don’t you? I’m sure they’ll be sharpening their pens any time soon! We can’t have you melting away. Hold on and keep doing other stuff. Sometimes a rest works wonders.

I can’t point you to where any of these were introduced because I haven’t done the course (I learnt pre-SSiW!), but hopefully someone will be along shortly who can help. I can help with the other bits though.

Yes, that’s right.

Yes, there’s no problem saying that instead. it’s not formal it’s just a more standard/Northern form - the sa i form is particular to areas in the South. Just use whichever you prefer, or whichever you hear around you most frequently (not every area in the South uses sa i)

This is nag yw e’n moyn - nag yw e’n = “that he doesn’t”

“that he hadn’t told me anything” = nag oedd o wedi dweud unrhywbeth wrtha i

“that you hadn’t told me” = nag o’t ti wedi dweud wrtha i


As you predicted, help was immediately forthcoming. Brian’s brain is frozen again. :grinning:


Thank you very much Siaron!!!