Question re: "I've got to"

(I’m doing the North Wales lessons)
I thought that in Lesson 4 I learned that “I’ve still got to” was “Mae dal rhaid i mi” and that, “I’ve still got to” is very different from “I’ve still got” or “Mae dal gen i…”
So, in Lesson 18 there is a sentence, “I feel that I’ve still got to learn more.” Based on what I learned in Lesson 4, I thought it should be, “Dw i’n teimlo bod dal rhaid…” But it was, “Dw i’n teimlo bod dal gen i fwy i ddysgu.” Why isn’t it using rhaid for “I’ve got to” instead of “gen i” ?
Thanks. I’m so confused!

I sounds to me that you have sussed it, although you might not realise it yet :slight_smile:

“Dw i’n teimlo bod dal rhaid…” means I think that I still must (have to learn more)

“Dw i’n teimlo bod dal gen i fwy i ddysgu.” means I think that I still have (have/possess more to learn)

Ohhh. Okay. Thank you. I’ll have to put more thought into this.
In my mind, I had developed a way to tell when to use rhaid and when to use gen and this sentence in Lesson 18 made my ‘black and white rule’ turn very grey! Thanks again.

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Don’t worry. It took a while for me to be sure that I was right. They are very similar in English. Once you get your head around this you’ll never forget it.

Rhaid = must (have to) eg must or have to learn one more thing
Gen = have (own) eg I have the thing to learn here, on my phone.

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This is helpful, thank you! :slight_smile:

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If what comes straight after is an action, then it will be “rhaid i mi” - I’ve got to DO this action

If it’s not an action, but something that you have/possess, then it’s “mae gen i” - I have this thing

If you think about the example sentence you’ve given, what you have is a thing - “fwy” - “more”. It just happens that what you have more of is something that you have to do, but it could equally be more of something - e.g. “mae gen i fwy o afalau” - I have more apples. It’s a bit subtle and can take some thinking to get your head around it :slight_smile:


Thank you for this information. It’s very helpful!