Question from ThomasinaC currently doing Level 1


I’m pretty sure I should have said “Pwy sy’n mynd…” not Pwy ydy’n mynd…" but I was trying to put a question together using bits I do know and bits I’m not at all sure of. If anyone can see if my question makes sense, I’d love to know. I wanted to say “Who is going to the Welsh Festival in St Fagans in April?” :slight_smile:

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Good question! I’ll leave the experts to comment on the grammar, but I understood perfectly well. I looked it up and it seems great.

Hi @thomasina-cummings,
Your track was here and I listened to it, but unfortunately it seems to have vanished.

Replying anyway to what I think I remember.

Well…I thought that’s what you meant. You who have already heard reassurances that you will be understood throughout the challenges :wink:
Even if it sometimes rains beer @delawarejones

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Yikes…I think I broke them lol…will edit and fix them ASAP

Wow, small world. I live about three minutes walk from Nottage :blush:

Diolch. Dwi’n siwr bo’ fi’n cael amser da :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m sure I’ll have a lovely time (in case my writing is way off) :crazy_face:

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If I’m ever in Wales and nearby you, I’m buying first round of bwrw cwrw :beers:

We would need to work on our timing… I’m in the other hemisphere still :no_mouth: