Question from Lizzy currently doing Level 1


Da iawn dioch a ti?
Very well thank you and you?


Dw i’n teimlon dda iawn Diolch
Nadolig Llawen

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Dw i’n synnu at faint dw i’n wedi dysgu mewn amser byr! Felly, dw i’n hapus iawn!


How do we get a blue badge???

Hi @wendy-11! Sorry it’s taken me a while to answer you - I didn’t see your question till this morning.

See the following thread for details on how to obtain your blue badge. :slight_smile:

I answered lizzy-1 question but cant find it anywhere only the short written reoly dec19th ??

Hi @wendy-11, so sorry, I’ve searched the forum for a link to your SoundCloud recording, but can’t find it anywhere. Maybe if you go back to your SoundCloud account you’ll be able to find the recording? If you do, post in it the following thread…

I can’t find it either. I must have dreamed that I posted it :sleeping: Thats drifting off to sleep with Welsh sentences on my mind for you :grinning:

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