Question from Garth level 1

Listen to Sounds from Sunday evening by Garth #np on #SoundCloud



Diolch yn fawr Siaron! You must be a very kind lady - I notice you answer most of us clunky beginners. It certainly encouraged me to have someone actually answering my stumbling question. But I’m sorry you didn’t speak to the old man in the pub - he was very interesting!!!


Wel diolch i ti Garth! I was a clunky beginner too once, so I know the boost you get when someone understands what you say even when you feel it’s stumbling and I’m very happy to be able to pass that boost on! :wink:


Hi Garth, I hope that this works. As you know, Maes Parcio = Car Park

Can someone tell me if this is working please?

I’m having to try to bypass the Soundcloud version that is on my computer :slight_smile:


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That’s working John - I was able to click on the link which took me to the recording in Soundcloud and that played fine

Sorry, Gareth. I just noticed that I accidentally misspelt your name :persevere:

Please ignore.

Hello @garth-weymont. Here’s my answer to your question.

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