Question form past tense

Smae pawb
I’ve been looked at the past tense.
Dysgais i
Cerddais hi
Gwelais o etc.
I was wondering how the question forms, negative and positive, and yes and no are formed.
Is it Dysgais ti? or Ddsgais ti?
I hope that this is clear enough.

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For a question, the first letter undergoes a soft mutation (if possible), and for a negative statement, you use the so-called mixed mutation, where you use an aspirate mutation if possible, and a soft mutation otherwise (although this is getting more uncommon these days, and people also tend to just use soft mutation instead)
The yes and no answers to these questions are invariably do for yes and naddo for no.

Est ti i’r sinema ddoe? – Do. - Did you go to the cinema yesterday? – Yes.

Glywaist ti beth ddwedais i? – Naddo, chlywais/glywais i ddim. - Did you hear what I said? - No, I didn’t hear.


Diolch yn fawr Hendrik. Much appreciated.

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