Question about technique

I’m just wondering if it’s an ok strategy to go through a set of challenges without repeating or pausing, even if I don’t manage to get a lot of it right and make a lot of mistakes, and then go back later and repeat each one until I’ve got it down.

Yes, this is excellent strategy

Yes, this often shows that you’ve remembered far more than you thought

The only thing I’d say here is no, don’t aim for perfection - the structure of the course gives you building blocks that you can add to and adapt, and “repeating to perfection” is a kind of “learning by rote” which means you concentrate too much on repeating what you’ve heard rather than exploring what you can do with what you’ve learnt.

The trick really though is to actually get speaking with however much Welsh you have as soon as you can (even if you don’t think it’s ‘enough’) - you’ll find those building blocks take on a life of their own and you’ll soon be constructing sentences that you haven’t even heard in the course :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just want to get to the point where I can say at least a fair amount of it beforehand without pausing.

Thanks so much, this is really helpful!

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@siaronjames already wrote great tips.

From my fresh experience I would add a suggestion of experimenting a bit and finding your own pace and balance with pause and repetitions.

For example, after a few challenges I had found that technique that seemed better for me was using pause as much as I felt I needed. And never repeat challenges.

After one year, I’m doing the first lessons again, and I remember how back then I just tried to repeat the sequences of sounds because I couldn’t make sense of many of them:
is this a f or a dd?
Why do some words seem different every time?
What are those n’s in a different spot every time?
But i just carried on, asking questions in the forum when I felt really stuck, listening to more Welsh (especially the TV that’s easier).
Everything’s just becoming clearer by itself and I just don’t need the pause button any more now, for them.

However I know other learners prefer to repeat a few more times, or challenge themselves not to use pause button at all…I think the more you practice, the easier it is to feel what’s right for you (as long as you don’t get obsessed to get them all correct, as Siaron said!).


It’s a bit hard to do it like this though bc I now even though I’ve gone through all of them and started going back, I still feel like I’m making way more mistakes than I should be on some of them - it feels like for almost half of the phrases I either make a mistake or take too long to remember how to say it.