Question about SSI Spanish old course - is lesson 20 a review lesson?

As anyone who has read my posts here will know, a few months back I completed all the SSI Spanish challenges on Levels 1 & 2 of the new course, as well as the tourist course.

Well, out of curiosity and for some more sentence drilling, I decided to start going through the old SSI Spanish course today. I got through 7 lessons, and I’m planning on completing the rest of them in the next day or 2.

So my question - I was wondering, is the final lesson of the old course, i.e. lesson 20, a review of all the material learned in the course? If not, is there a review pdf of the vocab and structures? Not that it’s a big deal given that I can easily review the material from the new course in order to maintain my Spanish, however it’d be nice to try something different when it comes to sentence drilling.


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Mmm… that’s from a fair old while ago now… I don’t think 20 is a specific review lesson, and I don’t think we ever did any pdfs for that course, I’m afraid… sorry!

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Fair enough. It’s still useful and fun to go through it anyway :slight_smile:

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Well I finally got through all lessons of the old course. Phew, it was some linguistic workout :slight_smile:

If anyone else here is thinking of giving the old SSI Spanish course a go, it’s still very good -
what I’ll say is that it’s definitely worth going through after you’ve completed the new courses, which are, in my opinion, superior. Do all 25 lessons of levels 1 & 2 of the new course, and the tourist course first, then if you want some extra sentence drilling and consolidation of Spanish structures, give the the old course a try.

Muchas gracias anyway Aran, it was still good fun going through it, and at least I can say I’ve now completed all the SSI Spanish content, both old and new, available on here :slight_smile:


[tries to hurry up with Level 3]:wink:

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