Question about resubscription

(I feel like this is already somewhere but i’ve looked everywhere and can’t find the answer)

Due to ongoing health issues, my ability to speak has been declining. I’ve had SSiW on pause for a few months in case it was going to get better, but if anything my ability to process words and repeat things from memory has gotten worse. Combined with social anxiety and a lack of Welsh speakers around me (I hit a much harder mental wall after Challenge 19 than the ones in previous weeks), I’ve decided to leave it for now, unsubscribe, and check every month whether I’m doing well enough to go back to it.

I have the last few Challenges downloaded and the other steps since Week 16 written down. What I’m a little bit worried about is losing all my progress. When I resubscribe with the same account, will I be starting from Week 1 again or Week 20? And if it is Week 1, will I be able to contact admin to restore the previous weeks (same question applies to my recordings made as part of this)?

Thank you so much for everything, I hope to be back when I’m feeling better.

Sorry I don’t have an answer to your questions, but I just want to say I hope your health improves and that you are able to consider coming back.

Helo @alex-56, I’m sorry to hear of your difficulties and I hope you’re soon feeling better and able to return. When you are, just start a new Standard subscription, but don’t rejoin the 6 Minutes a Day course. Instead, email and let us know your subscription is active again and you’d like to continue on from the Challenge you’ve reached. We’ll be able to set you going again from that point with your previous progress restored.

Pob hwyl,