Question about Lessons and Missing Tenses

Really like the lessons so far…I’ve finished 10, and just started lesson 11…but I’ve a small concern. The intro to lesson 11 says that I’ll start learning about how to talk about other people…which I’m looking forward to…but I feel as though there are some gaps in what I can say to another person.

Example: I’ve learned I didn’t know, but not I don’t know (unless I missed it). Same for understand…I’ve learned I didn’t understand but not I don’t understand. Will future lessons include the past tense for what we’ve learned for present tense and vice versa?

Sometimes they will, if I’ve identified them as useful in conversational settings - but not in a ‘work through every verb in every tense’ kind of way… :slight_smile:

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You could look up the present tense (and all other tenses) in a dictionary that provides verb charts. I find this dictionary particularly useful and the charts are clearly arranged and complete. It’s a German - Spanish dictionary, but this isn’t a problem when you search directly for the Spanish verbs, and then click on the icon that looks like a chart. You’ll find it on the left side of the verb, right after the arrow sign, that allows you to listen to the pronunciation of the words.án-español/



I’m currently using Google translate for the one-offs I find myself needing but I will keep this in mind. Thanks!

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Makes sense.
It does kind of make me miss the old format, but only a little.

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