Question About Course 1 Lesson 4


So i’m on lesson 4 of course 1 and the lesson involves talking about the past.
“Nes” has been used to do this but I’m a bit confused about one thing.

Nes ti ddawd == You came

Why does also mean;
Nes ti ddawd == Did you come?

That’s just one example of many by the way.

So what am I mishearing?

(also apologies for any misspelling of the welsh words)

Basically if it means two things, how can you tell if somebodies asking a question of the past or just making a statement about something you did?

Shwmae Dan. You’re not mishearing anything. The Welsh for ‘you came’ and ‘did you come?’ are exactly the same: ‘wnest ti ddod (?)’. It’s all about the intonation. If you say ‘you came’ in a questioning tone, it becomes ‘did you come?’. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Yeah that does help. Thanks Jon, glad I asked.
(I also asked my partner who is welsh (and fluent in speaking welsh) and she didn’t know the answer haha)