Query : I want [somebody] to [verb] [something]

So I know how you would say I want [something] or I want [verb] in welsh which you can use both rwy’n moyn/rwy’n eisiau. However, the construction in the title confuses me how to form it. In Spanish this triggers the subjunctive and is “quiero que”. So in Welsh I feel from experience of other languages that this construction in Welsh won’t be the same as in English.

For example how would you say “I want Dave to go to the shop” or “I want him to go to the movie with me”

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If you want someone else to do something, the construction is
Dw i’n moyn i Dave fynd i’r siop. /
Dw i’n moyn iddo fe fynd i’r sinema gyda fi.
It also works the other way, if someone else wants you to do something: Wyt ti’n moyn i fi fynd i’r siop? - Do you want me to go to the shop?


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