Q: Lesson 4 of New Southern Course

There is a response which surprised me. @25:50, the sentence is “I’ve still got more to learn.”

I would expect “Mae dal rhaid i fi fwy i ddysgu.” But the response was “Mae dal gyda fi fwy i ddysgu.”

My understanding is “gyda” is for possession of something and “rhaid” is for having to “do” something. So, this comes as a surprise to me.

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S’mae Craig,

I believe that this was reported in another thread and that Aran said it was an error.



Wow, I didn’t even notice. Must have been one of those sentences I missed completely…I’d like to know now too :slight_smile:

Sorry, pushed the reply button too soon…

Diolch Stu. I didn’t see that message.

Craig, I’ve read the original post a few times to make sure I have it the right way around. I think the response given - Mae dal gyda fi fwy i ddysgu. - is correct. I think the response you said you would expect - Mae dal rhaid i fi fwy i ddysgu would mean sort of I still have to learn more and not I still have more to learn. I didn’t explain that very well but I hope it makes some sort of sense to you.

Yup, Geraint is on the money here. Mae dal gyda fi fwy i ddysgu is I’ve still got more to learn, and mae dal rhaid i fi ddysgu mwy would be I’ve still got to learn more - a microscopically small difference, really…:slight_smile:

Thanks Geraint & Aran. Ok, I thought about this and I think I’ve got it figured out.

“I’ve still got more to learn.”, implies a fixed resource or specific “something”. Which in this case would, of course, be Welsh. So, would this be an accurate literalism? "There is more [Welsh] with me to learn. Versus, the open ended “I have to learn more” which would use “rhaid”?

a microscopically small difference, really…:slight_smile:

Maybe a small difference in wording but a completely different meaning. :wink:

If you think about it, the meaning isn’t actually all that different! I’ve still got more to learn, so by implication I have to learn it…:wink:

Craig, I’d suggest you go more in the direction of ‘must’ - I’ve still got more to learn vs I still must learn more. It’s the difference between ‘I have something’ and ‘I have to do something’ - is that any help? :slight_smile:

But … I have more to eat (I’m greedy) … I have to eat more (I’m malnutritioned and going to die). This meaning is all that different. :wink:

Oh my word. The whole way through Bootcamp, I thought you were malnutritioned and going to die…

Oh, now I understand, diolch :slight_smile: Don’t know if I’ll use it correctly though…learning 2 languages for the price of one here :wink:

Thanks Aran.

I will go with the ‘must’ thing. That should help. Looking at this example it’s like:
I have more to do (gyda)
I must do more (rhaid)