Putting ssiw on my desktop of my laptop

Can’t seem to do it again - did it once, now it’s gone, so every time I log in I have to google to find it, do a lesson and then it won’t stay around for next time.

If you mean that you want a shortcut on your desktop that you can click and it will take you straight to the SSIW website, then the easiest way to do this is to go to the page you want to link to and then simply drag the icon immediately to the left of the address bar in your browser onto your desktop. That will create a shortcut.

If you want to add a bookmark to the website in your browser, go to the page you want to bookmark and hold CTRL and press D. This will add a bookmark to the bookmarks folder in your browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, etc).

You can combine the two as well: create the bookmark in your browser then click the “bookmarks” option and drag THAT icon to your desktop and it will create a shortcut there.


Thankyou. Your 1st question: re shortcut reveals to me that i’m not doing something before creating a shortcut. Should i be putting it somewhere before i create a short cut? I think i’m not doing whatever it is (by the way when i get it from google it recognises my login).

I don’t really understand what you’re asking, so I’ve recorded a video of how I would bookmark the link to the “Learn” page and then move that link to my desktop.

I hover over the “Learn” link and right-click, then choose “Bookmark this link”. (The reason I do this, rather than going to the page first is that saving the link rather than the page means it will go back to where you left off; going to the page first and bookmarking that will, in this case, always take you to the same lesson that you bookmarked).

Then I click save when the “New Bookmark” window pops up.

Next I go to the bookmarks in my browser. In Firefox this looks like a handful of books on a shelf.

Then I click “Bookmarks” to show the list of bookmarks, and finally I hold the left mouse button over the SSIW icon and drag it to my desktop, creating a link.

Does that do what you want, or have I got the wrong end of the stick entirely?


Thank you very very much for takig the trouble stephenbranley - that’s so kind of you. I’ve written down your instructions in case i lose everything. I’ll give it a go and hopefully get back to you, but if I lose this page too, thank you again so much.

Stephen, I’'ve done it! Thank you so much for your help. Ann

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You’re very welcome. Glad to have been of help.

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