Putting it on an sd card for my mp 3 player

in one lesson it mentioned downloading to an mp3 player but I cant see how to do it?

Hopefully someone else can advise about apps (I don’t use apps!), but from this forum on a pc, if you click on the ‘Learn’ in the top and then - if it doesn’t automatically open there anyway - click ‘Learn’ again and choose ‘Challenges’ from the dropdown menu. Find the challenge you want to download (remember to make sure you’re in the correct version, North or South), and there’s a download link there (between the player and ‘Vocabulary List’.

i dont have it on the app - just on my laptop

then what I said above will be fine - I’m on a laptop too.

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If you’re using the online player, i.e. the one that comes in the emails, then there is also a little downward arrow at the left of it. You can click on that to download the audio file.

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