Pump am y Penwythnos / Friday Five 26/10/2018 5️⃣

Very badly. I’m inspired to, but I have very few skills.

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Soooo, about 2 litres then?:grin:

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1) What do you need but do not want? - ALSO - What do you want but do not need?
I need to start decorating but don’t want to.
I want to pay for someone else to decorate but don’t need to.
I hate decorating.

2) We recently re-watched Four Weddings and a Funeral. Considering the opening scene, what was the last thing which made you swear out loud?
I swear too much but I can’t honestly remember anything making me swear for a long time. Maybe the shrew (chwistlen) that surprised me in work a while back.

3) If you had to hang a portrait of a famous face in your house, who would you chose and why?
Maybe someone like Betsi Cadwalader for inspiration. She just never gave up.

4) How are you preparing for winter?
Trace has already winterfied the house, my thermals have come out for work and my base layers are already in use while running. Winter is my nemesis so some more head time will be needed before too long, I can feel it already.

5) What do we need more of to make things work better?

6) Make up your own Friday Five question and answer it…
Why the heck would anyone want to serve food on anything other than actual crockery?
Beats me!