Pump am y Penwythnos / Friday Five 06/11/2020 5️⃣

Bore da everyone!

Something a little different today. We’re going to Show and Tell! Dangos a Dweud (dang-oss ah do-aid) in Welsh.

So post a photo of something you have at home and tell us about it.
Or show us a photo of somewhere you’ve been and tell us about it.
Or show us a photo of something you’ve created (crafts/food/woodwork/art etc) and tell us about it - you get the picture… :wink:

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I’d love to show you a video but don’t appear to be able to upload it. I finished this about a week ago. Making it has kept me sane over the last couple of months. For those who really want to know more, it’s a double knitted scarf, designed by Alasdair Post Quinn and Keiran Foley and the yarn is Effektgarn. The double knitting means that it has the same pattern, but the opposite colourway, on the reverse.


WOW! That is stunningly beautiful Margaret! :heart_eyes:

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This Draig Goch was made by my nephew (with help from his dad, my late brother) for a school project, and this morning a sunbeam chose to settle on it.


I’m not talented enough to make beautiful craft-y things like the ones above (all the pics are absolutely lovely!) but I do bake. So here’s a pic of a gin & tonic drizzle cake* I made for a friend’s visit pre-lockdown.

*of course such a thing exists :wink:


This is one of my favourite pictures taken in the morning sun just before heading to a football game in 2011. It was the game vs. Switzerland in Swansea and Cardiff was pretty packed with swiss fans so I decided to go for a walk on the Cardiff Bay with my missus. When we came to Roald Dahl Plaza the light was so fantastic, I just had to take this one.I have a large copy at home now and whenever I can’t go to Wales I just look at this picture.


My daughter made an Etsy shop for her handmade Welsh crafts (awencraftswales). Although I’m no good at sewing, I really wanted to join in; so, because I enjoy photography, I made some blank note cards, using photos that I’ve taken when I’ve been out walking in Carms, Pembs and the Gower with our lovely dog, Caspar. (He joins in too - as a model for the bandanas!)


You surely recognize the song. Who, who loves Wales and Welsh music wouldn’t. it’s just that this simple performance was not played on my keyboards I have at home but with the app on my tablet when I was still working and traveled home from work by bus. If you’re equiped with the headphones you can do such thngs when going by bus too (if you have a seat of course).

The great thing is that this time I didn’t do any mistakes. Usually I have to have several goes to play the things with no mistakes but this time I just nailed it perfectly.

Hope this simple piece of music brightens your day if even it isn’t even a bit professional.

Have a great weekend all of you and of course stay safe and healthy.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


These are two mobile phone-pics from last Saturday. This time, the Halloween Morning was more spooky, mystic and “between the worlds”-style than the night.



A fun evening making big bubbles and photographing them.


Last time we did this, I rambled on at length in this thread https://forum.saysomethingin.com/t/pump-am-y-penwythnos-friday-five-01-05-2020/25848/43?u=isata about how I’d bought a second hand loom. To cut a long story short, it involved me making a work bench so I could make a loom bench so I could use the loom. Well, I’m happy to report that Stage Two is finished! Here’s my loom bench, made from two left over floorboards and an old shelf.

Maybe next time we do dangos a dweud, I’ll have some actual weaving to share!

@margaretnock, that is an absolutely amazing scarf! I wish I had your talent. Do you know if double knitting works on the same principle as doubleweave?

Of course it does, and it’s one of my favourite types of cake! Looks delicious!


@Isata, I don’t know enough about weaving to be able to answer that question. But there are two gradient yarns, each of which changes gradually, so there’s no changing yarns frequently. For each stitch that is worked at one side of the piece, knitted, the next is purled, with the other colourway. both yarns are brought forward or taken back between each stitch, so the ‘bumpy’ part of the stitches are actually hidden in the centre of the work and each face looks like stocking stitch. If that’s how double weave works, there’s your answer. Youtube is probably your answer. I look forward to your woven pieces appearing here.:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Margaret. It certainly sounds like a similar process. In doubleweave, there are two layers of weaving which you can either weave together at one end to have a double-width piece of cloth (or at both ends to make a tube) or, as you describe double knitting, you can interchange threads in the two layers to form a double thickness cloth. When you do that, you end up with different effects on each side, often with a reversed colourway.

(I know all of this only in theory - I’ve only ever woven with a single warp! :slightly_smiling_face:)

If you don’t do make patterns, it’s a tube. The more pattern work there is, the more connected the two sides are. In this scarf there’s a lot of pattern! And if there was to be no pattern, there’s no point in using such a complicated method.

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@Isata, that loom is amazing! Happy weaving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This is my sister’s dog Bella. I started learning oil painting in August as I have time. My first animal painting. I’m hoping to paint lots of Gower landscapes as I progress


@margaretnock, your scarf is amazing and inspiring. After reading your description of double knitting I almost got the idea, then I found a little video on youtube to check the details. I don’t aspire to anything as complicated as yours at the moment, but I might attempt a patterned tablemat. My last knitting project was a moebius strip scarf. Yes I know that I could have knitted a rectangle and sewn the ends together with a twist, but there’s no challenge in that.


@Betterlatethan. I love moebius bands. There’s a possibility, in the next 20 years, that I could convert the above scarf into one by grafting the two ends together, with a single twist in the length of the scarf.

I went through a phase of whittlin’ and came out with these. Any time there’s this type of show and tell these make an appearance. I’ve never made much else. :crazy_face: