Pump am y Penwythnos / Friday Five 01/08/2014

A slight change to today. Facebook has been full of heartwarming and uplifting status updates containing list of positive things in people’s lives, so I thought I’d steal the idea…

List 5 positive things about your life as it is now. You can give as much or as little detail as you like.

Have a great weekend despite the rain, keep safe and stay happy. If you’re travelling to the Eisteddfod then have a great journey and a memorable week. :blush:

Ww… Rhywbeth gwahanol! Reit te, pum pethau…

  1. Nice weather today (yn De-ddwyrain Lloegr… ar hyn o bryd!)
  2. Have an nice early finish at work today to look forward to (1pm).
  3. Lessons coming along well - only 10 away from the end of course 3 now!
  4. Pay day today - just like every Friday!
  5. I actually found at least 4 positive things about my life at the moment, which is quite an achievement in itself really - so I guess that’s another positive!
    Joiwch eich penwythnos pawb!
  1. Received a text last night about a job. Rang this morning and happily the job had gone…Wwww! I can fully enjoy my extended weekend…

  2. Just picked fresh spinach, carrots, potatoes from my veg patch…

  3. I’ve just cleaned the house.

4.I can browse Welsh and Italian websites.

  1. I’ll be in the pub tonight with friends.

Ah, and here I was ready to succumb to the black fog for an evening… positivity time!

  1. Perth weather. It may be our only drawcard, but on perfect winter days like today, it’s a big one
  2. I know what I love doing and I have the time to do it, even if I can’t get paid for it
  3. an incredible friend who will take conversations to the breaking point of trust, only to strengthen it even further
  4. two of my favourite people are in love. nuff said.
  5. Arnotts Best Ever Choc Chip cookies, now with 40% chocolate chips. nghbshklgfadgh
  1. 27 years married last Friday. Hapus Iawn
  2. Have turned into a Welsh Speaker. This doen’t mean I’m not a learner as well.
  3. Yr cogydd yw e. He’s the cook, so I don’t have to be.
  4. Got to go swimming this morning. All the buses conected well.
  5. I have work tonight. For a ‘zero hours contract’ I do very well with enough work every month for more than ten years.

1 - just had a visit from an ex-student of mine whom I always wanted to adopt

2 - just heard about an SSiWer who used her Welsh as part of giving care to an old man in the last week of his life, when his own family weren’t able to talk to him in the language he wanted to be using

3 - my family

4 - the view out of the room where I work

5 - the work I’m doing…:smile:

and 6 - realising that I’m back off sugar again…:smile: :smile:

  1. I moved into my house in Wales two years ago today. I still don’t have any blinds in the bathroom but it’s not overlooked, so s’dim ots.
  2. I left my first telephone message entirely in Welsh this afternoon! I was so nervous.
  3. My cat is still alive and purring. Last week she was with me when I was visiting my mum. She fell out of the 3rd storey window onto the pavement below. No real injury!
  4. It’s raining and fairly cool today in Wales, unlike in South East England whereas it was hot and humid - hence the window being open and the cat falling out.
  5. I am starting a new exercise regime at the gym at 10.00 on Monday. Hope to get fit and healthy!

I left my first telephone message entirely in Welsh this afternoon! I was so nervous.


Five great things about life at the moment:

  1. My wife and I have both made it through our employer’s restructuring, so we can relax just a little.
  2. I’m only working part time over the summer so I can spend time with my daughter.
  3. I’ve just made contact with a potential Ffrindiaith (a long overdue thing for me)
  4. I’m comfortably on track for running 10km by September.
  5. It’s the weekend. I mean, what could be wrong with that?

Da iawn I chi… I hear you. What you said hit me after seeing mike peters from the alarm last night in concert (who has been really sick recently) and to hear him sing and son am Sut mor prydferth ein bywyd ni (is, ( life is good)was really Ysbrydoliaeth. (Inspirational)
Mike has been doing some pethau rhyfeddol er mwyn codi Arian ((raising money) for cancer patients…
Es I catref I rho swses i mhlantos i (my kids got a huge kiss when I came home)
Good times… Let em roll…

  1. I’m on holiday next week!
  2. Steady income and I’m enjoying the driving.
  3. For the first time in twenty years I have enough energy left in the evening to consider doing something other than vegging on the sofa…
  4. My daughter started a new job yesterday - she was shadowing.
  5. I recently found an old school-friend on Facebook.