Pump am y Penwythnos / Friday Five - 01/05/2020 5️⃣

Bore da everyone!

We have something different today for this rather cool and grey May the 1st morning. We’re going to Show and Tell! Dangos a Dweud (dang-oss ah do-aid) in Welsh.

So post a photo of something you have at home and tell us about it. Or show us a photo of somewhere you’ve been and tell us about it. Or show us a photo of something you’ve created (crafts/food/woodwork/art etc) and tell us about it - you get the picture… :wink:


Oh good grief… where do I start! I’ve so much junk I could S&T (as my hangout group can attest to!)

OK, so here’s something I made from slate and sea-glass picked up on the Caernarfon foreshore plus some reclaimed copper wire from old cabling that our IT guys were throwing out.

I’ll be on furlough from next week, so maybe I’ll even get around to making some more things with my beach-combed bits and bobs :crossed_fingers:


Flowers for 2 special people in the house working in a hospital

A view and walk that will be available again soon


Loving these! Keep them coming! :smiley:

The first picture you will immediately recognise as an “Inukshuk”, an Inuit artefact that M brought back from a Pan-Canadian holiday with her mother. I think she bought it because of its uncanny resemblance to her husband. It brings good luck but not, unfortunately as shown in the second picture.
When I tried as a left-hander to become golfer (I took lessons from the pro in Borth and everything), M bought this practice net as an encouragement. If you look closely, you’ll see a green rectangle where I tee-ed up and took a swing. From that position I managed to miss the net and nearly broke a window! :blush:


My lockdown is in London and with a broken wrist I’ve not been able to knit, so I’ve been sewing three Japanese Knot Bags. Each is reversible hence six pictures. The bottom one was sold to a friend!


A picture of a rare two headed gull on my local patch in Milford Haven. I’ve not left town for around a month and I am still happy with my daily walks around the docks and through the Woods and to the local beaches. Another picture on my daily walk of someone else’s artwork.on wards pier. As I know the artist i think it’s OK to post. Then there is my handy work from boot camp at Tresaith when we got to do a pottery class. I’m pleased with my effort even though it looks like a five year old painted it.


Macky - I remember that pottery class! You were a lot more adventurous than I was. I like it!

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Not sure about that Sionned, I don’t remember what you made but I still have the t-shirt you made for us. We did make some good memories though. Hope all is well with you and yours I will hopefully meet you again in Wales sometime. Stay safe over there. :pray:

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Chocolate chip cookies. Jumped on the home baking bandwagon. I think these lasted about an hour! :yum:


Second one was my play around with trying to draw Barti Ddu. The first is from our last holiday. We went to Amsterdam for our wedding anniversary in September. Beautiful city! (They uploaded in a different order)


Wow! They are beautiful!

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This isTabitha. She loves the outdoors. People always ask how I was able to train her to walk on a leash. I figured if I could teach kindergarteners to read fluently and write legibly in a year, I can teach a cat to walk on a leash. :smile:


I’ve always wanted a Tabby and Tabitha is a particularly beautiful Tabby - but I expect she knows that. :wink:

@wendy-yothers What harness did you use for your cat?

It’s very easy to use.

She is a rescue and thinks she’s a model. :wink: Thank you for the very kind compliment.

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My ink well/bottle collection. I started collecting fountain pens after a friend gave me one for my birthday. Then I started to find ink bottles and ink wells at antique stores. The dip pen pictured is 100 years old. It was a lucky find! Anyone else a fountain pen user?e


Thank you! We have 3 cats and have been wanting to train at least one of them for walks.

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