Pump am Penwythnos / Friday Five 10/01/20 5️⃣

Something a little different this week…

In the wake of Elizabeth Corbett’s passing, the corners of our hearts were warmed by stories full of love, from individuals whose lives Liz had touched. She had inspired so many. She had encouraged so many. She had guided so many. She had befriended so many. She had loved so many. Those stories will forever be a comfort to her friends and family.

So this week I would dearly like you to tell us about people whom have inspired you. Choose just one, or up to five individuals. Make a list, or tell us your story. Warm our hearts or make us laugh. Diolch! :slight_smile:


hmm too many to mention. I’m always amazed at how many good people are out there when the news /world events make everything look miserable.
So off the top of my head
SSIW friends

  1. Brigitte - like a sister, now been good friends and soul mates since we met through SSIW in goodness knows what year. We are both the same age, love kids, love mountains, love eisteddfods and Welsh. The fact that we are both German and English speakers and hardly ever speak anything than Welsh. We meet up every year in Wales and yeah shes my Welsh twin.
  2. Cat, - always so impressed by her personality. Never moans about her constant pain she suffers. Loved to see her on boot camp with her sewing machine.
  3. Jonathan Simcock. for what he does for the Welsh language in England, admiration that he became a member of the Gorsedd. - Dont read his political views ( mine are just as bad) but hey he’s great, Made me laugh when we had a mini welsh learners day out on the precipice walk near Dolgellau when he told us all to take care because we are a precious commodity as Welsh speakers and so … No accidents please , lol
  4. Greg Pearce , comes to our Welsh Meet up in Cambridge. His Welsh is legend. In just three or four years ? wow. Yes SSIW works
  5. Mo. a female officer in Eastern District ? Headquarters : when I was a young lieutenant . A Liverpool girl who was natural, cool. calm, friendly and an encourager. Isnt it weird how you become in awe of someone just on a first encounter?
  6. Nia Parry. Her smile and positive attitude to life and people is one of the seven wonders of Wales
  7. My wife and mum and my fantastic 3 sisters who I have never ever fell out with and love them to bits
    Amen sorry i can’t count by the way!
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Ursula Martin. English, but based in Machynlleth. Walked many, many miles around Wales a few years ago to raise awareness of Ovarian cancer. Is now walking home from Kiev, Ukraine, doing the same thing.

This will sound really cheesy but I don’t feel judged here :blush: so:

Anybody that’s been pregnant. What your bodies, and you yourselves, have to go through is incredible! So all of you just get a huge :heart: from me. Emma has met every challenge with such calmness and openness it’s been fantastic to be part of. She’s been so tired at times but never snapped. It really helps put life in perspective.

I have so much love and always feel so inspired by the “fab four”.
Iestyn - raising four wonderful children and still being (or appearing to the point no one would know any differently) full of energy during bwtcamp!
Cat - I echo Margarets words. You’re just amazing! 4 children, a pretty intense job and then started your own company!
Catrin - you’ve raised two wonderful kids too, you’ve worked tirelessly towards becoming a writer but without sacrificing the energy and effort you put into the SSiW community!
Aran - you’ve very nearly literally travelled to the 4 corners of the world for the Welsh language. You’ve built a company and faced very uncertain times but you’ve kept your resolve and dug in. I’ve always been so inspired each time we’ve met. I aspire to have your patience with people.