Prowal loayrt ayns Gaelg

Fastyr mie!

Ren mee goaill toshiaght gynsaghey Gaelg tammylt er dy henney as ta mee geearree feddyn peiagh ennagh dy loayrt rish, dy cooney lhiam cooinaghtyn as cliaghtey my Ghaelg. Ta mee voish Mannin, agh cha ren mee gynsagh yn chengey tra va mee aeg (well, agh “moghrey mie” as “kys t’ou, whooiney?”; myr shen, ta mee prowal sharaghey!

Vel peiagh erbee geearree taggloo rhym ayns Gaelg? Son shickyrys, ta mee gynsagh rish yn ynnyd-eggey shen, agh by vie lhiam loayrt as cliaghtey tooilley rish post-lectraneagh ny er y chellvane.

Gura mie eu!

Also, if I’ve made any glaring mistakes, please feel free to correct them. I’m learning by myself in Liverpool at the moment, so I don’t really have anyone to speak to in Manx other than the odd email home.


@adriancain :slight_smile:

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