Prosiect15 - the Welsh Ted Talks online in Zoom

The organisation ‘Renew Wales - Adfywio Cymru’ has been organising a Welsh language version of the popular TED Talks, where individuals speak for 15 minutes on a theme. Their original plan was to hold it in a theatre, but of course Covid-19 had other ideas so it will take place over Zoom.

The topic for discussion will be “The environment / Climate change / Sustainability” and there are some interesting speakers, including Dafydd Iwan!

It takes place on Thursday, 9th July, 6:30 to 8pm BST and you can read more and get free tickets at


Will these be recorded and available to access after the event?

I’ll ask :slight_smile:

Never mind Dafydd Iwan - the speakers include Duncan Brown, whose slots on Natur a Ni (S4C) are the high point of my (admittedly uneventful) week. Thanks for the info - I’ll be there!

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Yes, they’re going to be recorded and made available, but there are no details yet as to what format that’s likely to be or when.

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