Prosiect pum mil

Has anyone watched this on S4C? It’s amazing!
It’s really refreshing to watch such community spirit and I’m learning so much Welsh. Trystan and Emma (presenters) are absolutely hilarious and they have such great chemistry.
Although I’ve not managed to get through an episode with crying, especially ‘Goleudy Joshua’ which was an incredibly touching episode which I’ll remember for a long time :frog:


I hadn’t noticed it. So now you mention it, I’ve checked and saw it’s available also outside the UK, so I’ll definitely watch it. Thanks! :wink:

I kind of agree, maybe not with the “amazing!” but it is very entertaining. The community spirit is brilliant, even what the presenters are willing to do amazes me sometimes … Trystan even drove evrryone in a bus to the wedding in one episode. And yes, they are really funny together. Highly recommended. :grinning:

Amazing in the sense of clear use of welsh and good for learning!


In that case I agree 100%. .:grin::wink:

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I’m a big fan of this show too & agree with you @michael-1 … can really understand Trystan and Emma (or at least follow a good portion of what is being said) :joy:
They have a show on Radio Cymru and just as funny together on that!