Pronunciation "dweud" Lesson 2 Challenge 1

Hi everyone, I’m new here!

I left Merioneth (as it was) 50 years ago and have just started learning Welsh a couple of months ago. Because I grew up there I have some innate knowledge though I never .spoke the language properly.

I noticed in the Challenge that 'Dweud" was pronounced (English spelling ) 'Day’d".

Is the phonetic way I say it (with the 'W" pronounced) a Northern accent, an archaic form these days or was it always wrong?



Hi Dianne, welcome to SSiW and the forum :slight_smile:

Both ways to pronounce are fine - there is a mix of accents/dialects more or less everywhere in Wales now, so you’ll likely hear both versions. Use whichever comes naturally to you, and if you find you’re ending up with a mixture (as I do - sometimes it comes out ‘dayd’ and sometimes ‘dwayd’!), then don’t worry, just go with the flow!


Diolch i chi, Siaron! :smiley:

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And just to add spice to the variety, you’ll also hear “Gweud” pronounced gwayd in parts of the South.
But, as I keep repeating, such geographical variation is typical of most languages - including English. :smile:


Thank you Huw. I think perhaps Welsh is not phonetic, although I was taught it was in school.

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Ha ha, I see what you mean, but I suppose that it IS phonetic and consistent but only for the village that you are in :smiley: (or imagine you are in, if you are learning from afar).

So, after “bending” the sound for a particular geographical mini-area, it should stay consistent for all words. Obviously, as with English, the people in the next village will think you sound strange, though. :rofl:


It is (largely), but there are differing pronunciations for the phonetic spelling to accommodate! :slight_smile:


:grin: Thanks Gareth

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Thank you John, I grew up in a village in Merioneth (as it was then) and :bulb::bulb::bulb:
AHA thank you :slight_smile:

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