Pronouncing words

Hello! My first post, signed up today so havent done anything yet! Reason for learning is moving to and running a business in Wales. I have a question about pronouncing Welsh words, like place names, a whilst speaking Welsh is my goal, initially I just need to get my head around how to say where i am and where I want to be! Does this course cover that later? Or are there any useful resources to explain rules of pronunciation? Ive used Google Translate to hear words, but wonder if there is anything else that explains rather than does it for me?
Many thanks :blush:

The good news is that Welsh is for the most part phonetic, so once you have a grasp of how the letters are pronounced individually, you can usually read whole words. There are quite a few videos on YouTube explaining the Welsh alphabet and the sounds, for example this one:

(This is the starting point, beginning with the vowels.)

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Thank you! Good to know its quite regular and phonetic.

The other good news, perhaps, is that speakers of a minority language are often more accommodating to learners’ pronounciation. A big generalisation I know, but I have found Welsh and Basque people more willing to understand my mangling of their language than when I’ve done the same in Spain or France!

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