Hello, I’m a beginner in Welsh. I was wondering if someone could help with a pronunciation. I have traced our lineage back to Wales and found a coat of arms for us. The banner is in Welsh it reads, Y Fyno Dwy Y Fydd, I have read that Fyno may have been misspelled and may actually be Fyuo. As a beginner I’am unsure how I would read it. Any help would be appreciated.

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A as in at, vun to rhyme with fun, o as in got…

Dwy is trickier, because it’s not a sound you hear in English… but doo-ee (with much more emphasis on the ‘doo’) will be near to it.

Then ‘uh’ as in uh-huh.

Then veeth (with a hard ‘th’ as in ‘the’).


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“For” someone is “ar gyfer” but is that pronounced “ar guvver “ or “ar givver” ?

It’s “ar guvver” :slight_smile: