Summary from the voting:

Top runners are:


  1. Profile success stories
  2. Informal tutoring matchups
  3. Get over to people that language learning has changed (this has the same votes as some beneath it but personally I’d be inclined to treat 1&3 as closely related and to almost match what part of what Aran is doing with the SSIW Booklet anyway. Thoughts?

More people LEARNING:

  1. Promote intrigue/challenge/fun
  2. Promote through music
  3. Seek local champions

More people USING:

  1. Online chat app
  2. Gamification

Those two are a LOT above the others so I guess I’ll leave it there.

Clearly there’s some overlap!



Time to see if we can build some teams…!

Who’s interested in getting to grips with one of those? :slight_smile:

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I’d like to be part of the “more people learning” Group. Possibly focus on the local champions.

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Which could feed into or come from, ‘Profile success stories’. This seems straight forward to do. So happy to help with this.


I can contribute techie knowledge if that’s beneficial for any of these.

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I’ve just started a thread to discuss point 1 from “Learners SUCEEDING”…

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