Project "Get Aber Saying something in Welsh" is go

Just spent the last two hours or so burning 50 new CD-Rs of SSIW Level 1 down to CD.

Bundling them up with a bit of an explanatory note from myself, a bit of SSIW promo with a bit of my own story of learning the language.

Hoping to put a few behind the bar at the two big Welsh pubs in Aberystwyth (they get loads of people in there asking how do they start learning Welsh) - then hoping to give some out to the managers of the big coffee shops/shops to give out to staff etc.

Hopefully this’ll get us a few more speakers and a few new forum members over the next couple of weeks!


That’s seriously awesome! :star: :star2:

We should have a ‘Did you get given a CD in Aberystwyth?’ thread to see if we can see them turning up… :slight_smile:


There’s 50 more tomorrow too! I just needed to go out so I couldn’t do the other 50!

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This is such a great idea :slight_smile:


It’s selfish really! I’m doing it just because I want more people to speak with!

Didn’t quite get the CDs over to Hen Llew Du yet because I accidentally stayed in Y Cwps all night instead of venturing over (as can and will always happen!)


Oh, yeah, I know about that.

One of the great occupational hazards of learning Welsh.

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I think it’s because it literally is at the end of my street, 20 seconds walk from my house - and when you fancy leaving - it’s only 20 seconds back home, rather than traipsing ALL THE WAY… into town, which would be another 45 seconds!


I know that street so well… :slight_smile: