Progress Update

Ok, so this is how it is… I don’t know where January went… I seem to have lost it somewhere :anguished: … please don’t ask me where I think it went because the answer may not be suitable for a genteel forum like this :flushed:

I wrote this at the begining of January, with some help from my ffrindiath. It was supposed to be a New Year’s update… I would have been happy to forget it now that I have missed the moment, but as I had help from my friend it would be very rude of me to discard.

Dwi ddim wedi gwneud adroddiad am fy ngwelliant am amser hir. Felly, dwi’n mynd i drio ysgrifennu
fy niweddariad yn y Gymraeg.

Y llynedd wnes i fynd i Bwtcamp D.I.Y efo ychydig o ffrindiau yn Nolgellau. Pan roeddwn i ar wyliau wnes i dechrau trio dysgu sut i ysgrifennu. Dwi i newydd ddechrau anfon negeseuon at fy ffrindiau, ond roeddwn i eisiau trio ysgrifennu rhywbeth hirach.

Hefyd, roeddwn i’n ffeindio fy mod i’n aros am y gwersi newydd trwy amser - cyn Clwb Tyfu wrth gwrs! Dwi wedi bod yn darllen Lingo Newydd a wnes i benderfynu dechrau defnyddio Weplyfr efo ffrindiau Cymraeg.
Doeddwn i ddim yn licio Weplyfr, ond roedd yn aberth bod rhaid i mi neud…!

Dwi wedi bod yn siarad efo fy ffrindiath bob wythnos, a dwi wedi ffeindio llawer o siaradwyr sydd yn gweithio efo fi yn fy ngwaith. Hefyd, dwi wedi cyfarfod ffrindiau ym Machynlleth yn Siop Alys. Dwi’n teimlo lwcus iawn i gael lawer o cyfleoedd ymarfer.

Rŵan, dwi’n barod i ddechrau gwersi eto! Ond, dwi’n mynd i barhau ymarfer sut i ysgrifennu a darllen hefyd.

Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb sydd wedi bod yn fy helpu i a Diolch Mawr i SSIW! Pob lwc pawb efo eich Gymraeg eleni a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

Of course, things have moved on since this was written and I am back on track with the lessons.



Your Welsh is further along than mine so I cheated and used Google Translate. :wink:
Glad to see things are going well for you. Dal ati!


Da iawn! I try to write something every day in my Welsh journal for practice - shorter than what you wrote here, for the most part… I’m not as far along as you are in my ability to write, but I’ve found it really useful for practicing what I know, learning new vocabulary, and pushing my limits a bit. I had to look up some words, and guess a bit from context, but I understood most of what you wrote - and that would not have been the case if I hadn’t been journaling. Thanks for sharing it with us. Dal ati!


Thank you Craig and Anna for your kind encouragement. Also, thanks for reading, I love SSIW because whatever you write on the forum, you can be sure in the knowledge that somebody will take the time to read! :smile:


Da iawn a llongyfarchiadau - dwi’n gwybod sut ti’n teimlo am fis Ionawr…:wink:

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