Progress report and questions

Dan ni ar fin gorffen gwers 24 amdana Taran y fi, y mae Gareth newydd orffen gwers 12.
(I’m sure this is complete wrong, but I’m trying!)

Achos dan ni’n mynd i Cymru yn fuan, mae gen i cuestiwns …

Sit wyt ti’n dweud:

I would like … (for when ordering in a restaurant)
Where is the toilet?
It’s time to get up.
They are going …


Oh my word, you’ve done superbly well - and huge congratulations to Taran and Gareth, too. Hard to believe you’ve got so far in just five minutes a day - really brilliant.

I would like - ordering in a restaurant - you’ll usually say ‘Ga i’ (or ‘Plis ga i’!) which is literally Can I have.

Where is the toilet? - Lle mae’r tŷ bach?

It’s time to get up - Mae’n amser codi

They are going - Maen nhw’n mynd.



Can you give me the phonetic for how to pronounce nhw’n?
and tŷ?

We’re up to six minutes a day, so we do one lesson a week. Should be done with all 26 before our trip!

Phoenetic is a little difficult but I’ll try.

Tý is easy … tee
Nhw is less so … noo (a lot of people put in a little aitch sound which I find easier to do in some circumstances than others).

I hope this helps. :wink:

Thank you! That does help.