Programme for the music fans

I have just had a sneak peak of a programme that’s going out on S4C next Friday (10 November) at 9pm (and then will be available on Clic and iPlayer if, unlike me, you have a social life…)

It’s called Lŵp yn Cyflwyno: Bwncath am Byth (Lŵp is the name of the S4C music strand, so it’s Lŵp Presents: Bwncath Forever).

The band Bwncath have had an amazing year, headlining at all the major Welsh-language events and attracting record crowds. They have fans of all ages, and all levels of Welsh-speaking ability. This half-hour programme is a look back over the year, partly through the eyes of some of their biggest fans.

Definitely one to watch if you like your Welsh music, or would like to discover more. The band members themselves are from Caernarfon, so it’s one to watch to hear lots of lovely north-west accents - perhaps with the subtitles on if you’re not so familiar with the dialect!

I’ll try to remember to come back and pop a link to Clic in once the programme has been broadcast for the first time.


Diolch am y gwybodaeth. … good band!

It has always warmed my ecologist heart that a band is called “buzzard” (bwncath) … I love the sound of buzzards over my house.

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One for you @Hendrik :slight_smile:


As promised, here’s the Clic link for anyone that missed this and would like to catch up: Clic