Problems with subscription

Hi, so I got the payment confirmation email today, but I’ve stopped having access to premium content… When I look at the subscription page it doesn’t say I have an active subscription and same thing with the app, it doesn’t show anything other than Level 1, Course 1 and the weekly practices.

I’m pretty sure I messed something up 10 days ago when I cancelled and reactivated my subscription. I cancelled it on the website, got the “Subscription Canceled” email and later followed a link from that email to go to Account Details to reactivate it. I didn’t get an email, but I think I got some message on the page thanking me and saying that it was confirmed.

Can anyone help? :sweat_smile:
(I wasn’t sure where to ask, I hope this is fine…)

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Tagging @aran and @Kinetic.

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Yup, this is a good place to ask - sorry for the hiccups! Tatjana is right that this is one for Ifan - I’ll drop him a line to draw his attention to it… :slight_smile:


Hiya @Novem - I’ve sorted this out for you now. Everything is fine on the payment side, our site just needed some gentle persuasion to start recognising that fact again :slight_smile: Enjoy!



Oh, nice :smiley: thank you! :smile: