Problems copying a link

I have recorded a question to soundcloud and started a new thread and posted the recording. However I’m told then that I should copy the link and post it here:

How do I copy the link of my recording and post it to the above link.

All you do is go to the page you’ve posted your recording on, copy the URL address of the page and then paste the URL address into a new reply on the “Going Green” topic thread. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Siaron, that makes sense.


I can’t properly record my sentences as my 2013 laptop doesn’t want to record. It just jumbles sound. The only thing I can do is put them on an old tape and send it to someone with an old tape recorder!!! So will have to forget about badges.
Also am having problems putting questions in th right place. . Sorry, Jill 13

The recording is more for your own benefit than anything else, so you can listen to yourself again in the future and see how much you’ve improved. If you can record yourself on your phone, or on any device at all, just do that and keep them for yourself. The badges aren’t essential.

With asking questions, just look at the different sections you can see from the main page, select a section that seems relevant, then either add your question to an existing topic, or start your own ‘New Topic’.

Have you got a smart phone? Or perhaps a friend with one? You could always use the video recorder function on that to record the sound

Thanks I’ll have a think about your advice. In the meantime I’ll carry on tracking progress, or the lack of it, on the old tape. Thanks again for the good ideas. Jill13

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