Anyone else notice that the site is slowing down? This past week when I’m posting the site freezes and it takes ages just to type a simple sentence. I’ve no problems on other sites.

When you’re typing where? On what platform?

That’s odd - particularly the typing bit - which would normally have made me think of browser issues straight away - what browser are you using? [Ah, yes, what Kev said :smile: ]

Kev has done some great work on speeding up the site, and those patches are live now thanks to Ifan, and we’ve also doubled the amount of memory our hosting gives us - so all in all, the lag that we’ve had for the last couple of months currently feels a lot better.

What’s a platform?

Sorry dinas - what browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, FireFox etc.), on what type of machine (Windows, Mac, iPhone etc.)?

windows and bing

Thanks. Which browser are you using? (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, etc.), and what are you doing when typing slows down? How does it manifest itself? Is it a delay after you press each key before it appears in the input box?

Internet explorer. When it freezes it comes up: SSIW stopped due to long running script…

Thanks. Does that happen every time you post? Almost? Just rarely?

Does it happen similarly if you send a PM, or only when posting to the forum?

(Feel free to send some nonsense PMs to me if you want someone to try it on)

I’ve shut everything down except SSIW and several lines in it has frozen again with “SSIW not responding”. Almost every post it stops about every sentence when I’m posting to the Forum. I have no problems posting e-mails on Yahoo…
It’s stopped four times typing this.
When I post finally - it freezes for about a minute and often have to leave site and comeback

Thanks Kim. Hopefully that’s enough info. for someone smarter than me to be able to do something useful :slight_smile:


Sorry for the pain-in-the-neckness here, Kim, and thank you very much indeed for the detail you’ve given, which I hope will help Ifan track down what’s happening.