Problem with subscription

I have taken out the premium subscription on 26th January, my iPhone died but I was using it on my iPad. Now my phone is back from the repair shop I have synced it with the iPad but can no longer access the premium content. I cancelled the automatic renewal but have paid the £100 for the year. I have tried logging out and back in, and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Can someone please help? I’m missing my Welsh lessons!

@Kinetic, @lewie, @jamesmahoney - me again guys! Can one of you help with this?

Are you still able to access the premium content on your iPad?

No,I thought I was but I downloaded the lesson I was working on. When I tried the next lesson I couldn’t. Thanks for helping me.

Can you check, then, to see if you can access the same lesson using a web browser?

Hi, no I can’t. It asks me to take out premium subscription

I can only access lesson 16 on the iPad not iPhone because that’s the device I downloaded i5 on. Do you think it’s happened because I cancelled the automatic renewal? I didn’t want it just taking another £100 next year in case I don’t want to keep doing the app and forget to cancel closer to the time.