Problem with level two course?

Hi Aran
I have been working my way through ssi spanish and loving it! I am finding that today I can’t get any of the sessions on Level 2 (well I have only tried sessions 23 and 24) to play beyond the first five minutes. Is this a glitch on the site? Hope so as I am longing to finish Level 2!
and while I am here asking awkward questions, any news on when you might be able to release Level 3? I have learnt so much from ssi and am constantly recommending you to others, including those in my Welsh class!
best wishes

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Thanks for your lovely words, Elizabeth! :slight_smile: :star2:

They certainly ought to play - I know there’s been some updating on them recently (because they were going out of synch) - I’ll tag @kinetic to see if he can help troubleshoot this for you…:slight_smile:

We’re hoping to start work on Level 3 inside the next two or three months, fingers crossed… :slight_smile:

Thanks Aran. I am still having problems today, having never previously run into any. I will keep trying in the hopes that there is a glitch which has been ironed out. Presumably you haven’t had any indication from anyone else that there is any trouble?

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Hi Elizabeth - after some investigation, I’ve discovered that there is indeed a problem with some parts of some of the videos, but only with certain browsers, with a tailing wind and a certain phase of the moon :wink: I think I have a solution, but it’s going to take at least a day to regenerate and reupload all the videos, so sorry about that! In the meantime, if you happen to have Firefox installed, give that a go - it seems to work better on that browser. I’ll update in this thread when I’ve replaced all the videos…

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…and now they’re all replaced. I hope it works better now :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! All working fine now!

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Terrific - thanks for letting us know :star2: