Problem with iPhone App 09/14

Hi all,

Iv recently downloaded the iPhone app but am having problems downloading any of the Southern lessons. The Northern lessons seem to download ok but I haven’t tried to download the whole lesson. The Southern lessons Wong download at all?

Does anyone have any solution I can try to download the lessons?

Any help would be great!

S’mae James?

I had thought that the iPhone app was working okay now, but if you’re having issues with it, have you tried just downloading the MP3 files into iTunes, and then synching them to your phone, so that you can play them via the music player? If you do this, its best to download the MP3 files into a directory, then create a playlist in iTunes and drag the files onto the playlist. This will help prevent any funnies due to MP3 tags on the files. Then, you can synch the playlist to your phone and enjoy them on the move.

Any issues with my instructions, just pop back on the forum. In the meantime, someone else may respond with information about the app…



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S’mae Stu,

That worked an absolute treat, thank you!

Iv just download them through iTunes and onto my iPhone.

Thanks for your help!


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