Pride comes before a fall and making mistakes!

I don’t think the BBC helps!! Some reporters can be very insensitive. Reporter at funeral for drowned refugees standing at back behind mourners and reporting in a not very quiet voice. Mourners looked round, saw the camera and turned back, trying to ignore his voice. The person carrying out the funeral was audible throughout. It wasn’t a pause or a voice over. Would they do that in the UK?? People raised on seeing things like that must be affected by it surely?

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Sadly, you are probably right!

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No worries Tatjana, I’m just trying to keep a clear line of everyone being happy and lovely to each other, both for the people reading the thread now and to set expectations for anyone reading it in the future.

If anything really bad ever happened on the forum, the posts would vanish quite quickly :smile:


Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi pawb. Byddai’n meddwl ddwywaith yn y dyfodol.


Well, even bi-lingual Welsh-English would be an improvement on English-only.

On the “I don’t like (the) English (being spoken so much here)” misunderstanding, I was thinking that this could be turned around into a positive by saying “wouldn’t it be nice to hear more Welsh spoken here again?”.

And of course, SSiW graduates, undergraduates and graduands can do their (our) bit by speaking it as much as possible in the wild. One thing I seemed to learn on this year’s (Tresaith) BC, as compared to last year’s and to other visits to Wales, was the value of sheer persistence coupled with a smile, and don’t take the first English reply for an answer. Keep going in Cymraeg and they might switch to it as well.