Preterite and Conditional Tense of Gallu

For most verbs the difference between these two tenses is clear to me but for “Gallu” I am getting very confused. For example is there any difference in meaning between “galliff hi” and “gallai hi”? They both seem to mean “she could or she was able to”. My knowledge of Welsh is very limited, perhaps the short form past tense isn’t used but it is on the online dictionary “”. Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give me. Simon

Galliff is 3rd person present/future tense (he/she is able), gallai is 3rd person conditional tense (he/she would be able).

And yes, the short form past tense, although it exists, isn’t generally used in speech.

Hi Siaron, thank you for the reply. I actually made a mistake as I had meant to ask what the difference between “gallodd hi” and “gallai hi” is or any of the different verb endings between these two tenses. They both seem to mean “could”. However since you have told me that the short form past tense isn’t generally used it looks like I am getting myself into a muddle over nothing. Thank you so much. Simon

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