Pre Xmas break in Welsh in Dolgellau/Machynlleth 16-20th Dec

Hiya folks,

On my way up to sunny (!) Môn for the Eisteddfod this year the bus wound it’s way through Dolgellau which looked just lovely as a town. I commented on it to various SSIWers I bumped into and the consensus was a few folk had had the same thought.

I fancy popping back for a bit of a mini-holiday. I’m on ‘enforced leave’ for a Christmas shutdown at work from 16th December onwards so was thinking of making the most of that week and going up for a few days the beginning of that week 16-20th Dec.

If any one fancies joining me I was thinking of an AirBnBs - they seem fairly common round there and reasonably priced for both rooms and whole properties.

I have also never explored Machynlleth - I see the Senedd-Dŷ Glyndŵr is only open ‘by arrangement’ in the winter but I’m sure a group of visiting Welsh learners could seek such an arrangement… If people wanted to meet up just for the day that could be an option too.

The other sub-optimal-for-mid-winter thing I want to do there and may not be able to is go back up Cadair Idris since I saw exactly none of it last time in the miserable weather! That’s a bonus extra if the weather does happen to cooperate though!


Great idea - keep in touch so we Mach folk can meet up with you! Copying this to @helenlindsay, who knows where the key to the Owain Glyndwr centre is hidden, and can give you a talk in fluent Welsh about the man himself.


sounds good. I would be interested too. I’d like to visit the Senedd-Dy and climb Cader.

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I’m keeping an eye on this thread because I live in the area and would love to meet up with people if any of you do visit. Re climbing Cader, a fine winter’s day can be better than the height of summer because it will be less crowded, but if the weather is bad – or for people who feel Cader is too much for them – I can recommend a number of low level walks which still offer spectacular views.


I’ll have to keep an eye on my pre-Christmas calendar and see if I can squeeze in a few days. I’d love to spend more time in that general area, but I can’t plan that far ahead at the moment.


Hiya folks.

So if we’ve got any definite yeses at this point I could start looking at appropriately scaled accomodation?


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