Practising with fluent Spanish speakers

Ola. I have followed the lessons 1-11 inclusive and been very much enjoying it. I am keen to practice with my Spanish friend. We will practice either in phone calls or Whatsapp videos. What instructions should I give him (in English) so that I can have useful and meaningful practice? It would be no good having a completely open agenda because he would then be using lots of vocabulary, grammar etc which the course hasnt taught me yet.

That’s great progress and you will definitely benefit from chatting with your Spanish friend. Initially, it can be a little tricky, but you can use the experience to pick up common greeting expressions that you don’t learn with the SSi course.
The main thing to tell him is that you have been focussing on the “usted” form, rather than the more casual “tú” form to start with, so if he could stick to “usted” that would help. If you find you’re comfortable chatting with him, you could relax and let him use “tú” so you get a head start on that when you meet it in the course.

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