Practise group in the Netherlands/oefengroep in Nederland :-)

Hi everyone,

I see more than 10 flags in the Netherlands on the SSiW map and would love to connect up with other learners close by. Brussels is just a little further than I enjoy to travel for a two session with our Belgian colleagues.

If you are out there Dutchies, please let me know and let’s meet up in Utrecht / Eindhoven/A’dam / Den Haag… or wherever! I would love that!

Als jullie dit lezen zouden jullie bereid zijn om contact met mij op te nemen via deze forum?
(If you read thia would you be willing to contact me via this forum?)

Elkie (Zaltbommel, omg. Den Bosch)

Hello Elkie,
Not Dutch, but I live right across the border, in Turnhout. I could come to Tilburg, if that’s ok. Other places would be a bit difficult, because I have to use public transport.


Hi bie,

Just saw your reply which means I am later to reply than I enjoy…

I would love to meet up in Tilburg.

I’ll contact you direct via the envelope icon. OK?


At one time there was a group of SSiW members who met in Amsterdam, I don’t know if you can find the details on the old forum anywhere…

Veel plezier met de oefengroep!

Hi Louis,

Veel dank voor de tip! many thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

I am unsure about how to access the old forum. I am not very gifted when it comes to digital media :slight_smile:

Is there anyone out there who knows how I can find the old material about the SSiW practise group in Amsterdam!

Bie and I are meeting up on Friday in Tilburg :slight_smile: I am looking froward to it.

Warm wishes, groetjes,


Hi Elkie - the thread is here:

but it’s a bit tricky matching people from there to here, because not many of the usernames are the same - if you get stuck tracking anyone down, let me know in here, and I can try and match them for you…:smile:

Just wanted to say Elkie and I met in Tilburg last Saturday and I thought it was very nice; We spoke a lot of English…and well…not so much Welsh. I got all giggly when we came to that part, but I promise I’ll try harder next time :slight_smile:

I got all giggly when we came to that part

That sounds like a great start…:smile:

Hi Aran,

Many thanks for the offer of support. I’ve just tried finding Llyn Iseldir through the email link on the old forum. That didn’t work out as the email function seems to be disabled - maybe by Llyn Iseldir themselves of course :slight_smile:

If there is an easy way of refinding these people - and with easy I mean no longer than 15 minutes expected work - would you be willing to see if you can track Llyn Isledir and the other dutch flags? :slight_smile:

If its more work than 15 minutes, don’t bother :slight_smile: Bie and I have found each other and had great fun. Our plan is to keep giggling and bring some more structure to our next session together - live or over Skype. We are very fortunate that we are both doing Southern welsh and are exactly at the same points in the old and the new courses :slight_smile: So learning together is easy and fun.

Warm wishes,


Llyn Iseldir hasn’t registered (at least, not with the same email address or username) on the new forum - but I’m sure it would be okay for me to share an email address with you, so I’ll just send you a message now…:smile:

Elkie and I had a great chat over Skype this morning and this time we did speak Welsh :slight_smile: I’m so proud of ourselves :slight_smile: We’ll chat again next week. I’m really happy I went for it this time and it gave me a bit more confidence to try my Welsh in Wales in two week’s time…

Excellent, erg gut, well done!..:seren:

…and we’re still giggling :slight_smile:

I have had an email relpy from the contact in Amsterdam by the way. She is busy checking if she can re-connect to her old contacts. So…who knows… the NL/Flanders department may be growing shortly :slight_smile: We have a delegate off to valleys soon :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Who, it turns out is staying with family of my friends there!!! How amazing and serendipitous is that!!!

Thanks for your support Aran in contacting A’dam!

I’m really enjoying seeing how this is gathering momentum…:smile:

Elkie en Bie,

Hebben jullie interesse om eens een Skype of Google Hangout sessie te voeren met me, in 't Welsh/Nederland/Vlaams?
Oes diddordeb gyda chi i gael sesiwn Skype neu Google Hangout efo fi rhywbryd, yn y Gymraeg/Iseldireg/Fflemeg?

dear louis,

I would love to - and I am pretty confident that Bie would enjoy it to.

We are at a very basic level and rather giggly :slight_smile: Do you giggle every now and then??? :slight_smile:

Let check in with Bie and then, hopfully, set a date! OK?

warme groet,


Helo Louis,

Ik zie dat zeker zitten :slight_smile: Volgende vrijdag vertrek ik wel naar Wales voor 2 weken, dus dan is het een beetje moeilijk, maar voor de rest moet dat zeker lukken :slight_smile:



Ok !! Shall we look for a date and time at the beginning of august? Louis, in welke tijdzone zit jij?

Bie, ik spreek je morgen middag. Ik wou dat ik met je mee ging naar pumpsaint:-)

Xx elkie

Prima! Begin Augustus is uitstekend. Ik woon in Sydney, dus AEST, 8 uur voor Centraal Europa



Er is geen plaats meer in de auto Elkie, sorry… :-p

Was het niet maandagmiddag? Morgen is ook goed voor mij hoor, ik stuur nog wel een mailtje.