Practicing using Anki - good/bad idea?

I was wondering if anyone used Anki? It is a flashcard system, very popular with other language learners I know because of its spaced repetition system.

I was thinking of making up some random sentence cards on Anki, using the vocabulary from course 1 and then using these to practise some sentences of my own.

I am trying to find a way to ‘add in’ the few bits which I never remember - it is getting very hard to remember it all or even half of it!

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or should I just carry on with the listening exercises/challenges?

Lots of people use and like Anki - so it’s not in and of itself a bad thing to do…

But I think what I hear in this post is you needing to have control over all the stuff you cover in the course - and I strongly suspect it will be better for you to focus on the challenges and the listening exercises, and give your brain time for the spaced repetition to work. It will work :sunny:

If by the time you’ve finished Level 1 and you’ve revisited the last two challenges once a month for three or four months, and kept on with the listening exercises, and you still have a niggle list you want to work on, I’d think that would be a better time to look for supplementary practice :sunny:

In the early days of learning Cymraeg I used Anki a lot. I used it for learning words. I basically did cards so that I have written down every word which was presented (written down) in Course guide and then translated them so I could have a “check” when opening card and reveal the answer. It was quite useful, but I soon dropped studying them out for who knows what reason really.

However, I’d do what Aran says. The tieme you put into making cards you can aswell put into doing Challenges and listening practices.

No matter what, I agree Anki is great anyway. My son uses it to learn to write in Japanese … :slight_smile:

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Clare, I’ve been an Anki user for a while but I stopped using them when I started the challenges way back on July 30. I’ll reiterate Aran’s advice, the spaced repetition has worked for me and I have no doubt that it will work for you too. Good luck.

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Ok I hear you :wink:

I shall continue and trust that the spaced repetition will work…

…I should really trust that it will work; as I know that the things I couldn’t remember from the start of the course I now remember!

So why do I doubt it will work for the later stuff?

Minor wobble, I suppose :blush:

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I think it’s a fairly common thing, because there’s so little educational material that uses spaced repetition really consistently - certainly not in schools - so it’s much, much more normal for you to think ‘argh, I need to revise’ than to trust in the process. But the process of gathering your own evidence, and hearing from people like @garrettpless who’s doing so well, should help you develop the habit/confidence you need :sunny:

[And, of course, remember that the lessons aren’t going to vanish - so no harm going the whole way through, repeating the last couple of sessions, and then (if you really, really need to, which you probably won’t) having another run-through :sunny:]