Practice Welsh in Leicestershire

Any one in Leicestershire (Loughborough area) want to practice their Welsh?

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@Deborah-SSi - email? :slight_smile:

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Hi Jane,
I just added your location into the title of the thread to try and attract a few more local people for you.

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Thank you, (ps it’s Janet)

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Sorry Janet. I guessed where the break came in your username, and I guessed incorrectly :blush:

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Hi Janet

I saw your message on the weekly email. I live near Caernarfon but I’ll be working in Leicester through the autumn so it would be great to have a chance to practise while I’m away. I’d be around Mon, Tues or Weds evenings if that’s any good?

Best wishes


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Yes that would be great, I am only just starting so not very good, I live near Loughborough so where could we meet?

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I don’t know the area at all, I’m afraid, so I’m in your hands re a meeting venue. Let me know what suits. The only thing to flag is that I won’t have a car, so it’ll need to be near a railway station. Feel free to message me with some ideas and look forward to meeting you in due course.

Hi, I can get to Leicester station on the half hour every hour. The last train back for me is 9.20. I don’t come to Leicester very often so we would have to just pick somewhere to go. Can you send me a friend request to Facebook? Think I am easy to find, then we could message more easily, cheers, Janet

Hi Janet, have messaged you via this forum (I think!!) so hopefully that will reach you ok. Speak soon, cheers, Stine

Hi, I know this is an old thread now, but is anyone in Leicester/nearby learning Welsh and want to practice more?

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Hi Charlie,

I’m moving to Leicester sometime in May, buy haven’t actually practiced a single word with another person.

I’ll pop a note in the Weekly Newsletter and see if we can find you a few more :slight_smile:

Hi, I live in Sileby, I keep trying to learn but hard on your own, would you like to meet up sometime?

Where are you in Leics?

Hi Janet, I live in Westcotes, so not far from the city centre. I’ll warn you now I am very much a beginner (just starting the course today!) so you’re probably a fair bit ahead of me, but I’ll happily meet up for a practice sometime.

Hi Santiago, let me know when you move. Hopefully we can get a few people to come along. I am warning everybody though I am just a beginner when it comes to Welsh, so you may have to bear with me!

No, not very good at all, just a few words and phrases, as I said, hard when you are on your own. I used to meet a lady from Wales who worked at Leicester University but she finished her time there. I used to go on the train and meet her at the station and we would go to a cafe across the road so we could do that if that’s ok, or you could suggest somewhere else. My son has a cottage in Wales so I try a bit of Welsh when I am there, I am a quarter welsh and very proud of that. Cheers

Hi Janet, sounds like we are at a similar level. I’m happy to meet in a cafe near the train station or something similar. It sounds like there’s another chap moving to Leicester in the next few weeks so hopefully we could get a few of us to meet up.

Yes, sounds good, I am retired so afternoons and evenings are fine, I am off to Wales at the end of May for a fortnight, let me know what is best for you, cheers