Practice partners in Canada

My brother and I are learning Welsh and would love to connect with people in our time zone(s) who might be interested in a regular practice chat over Zoom.

If you join Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) there is a channel there for people in American time zones. I know there is at least one person from Ontario and one from BC, I think.

If you’re not a member of WSP, send an email to with WSP as the subject and we’ll send you an invitation.

Hi Deborah,

Thank you very much!


jphilipps282, if you are still interested, we meet every Monday and Friday, for one hour. The zoom link will be posted in the the American groups on slack. We are very informal. But we do some reading together. We all have a copy of a book, either hard copy or electronic. We take turns reading a paragraph and translating. We use books for learners by Lois Arnold. We just finished E-Ffrindiau and we have started Sgwp. We’ll be starting chaper 2 on Friday (tomorrow) You are welcome to join us weather you have a book or not. It’s always a good chance to listen to other people speak and hear their mistakes!


Hi. Thank you very much for this information. I am definitely interested though may just listen at first until I see wher I am at level-wise. Where can I get a copy of the book? Looking forward to joining in!

You are most welcome to join and listen. If you have any questions, one of us might have the answer. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have. And jump in and try speaking, if you are comfortable.

The link is from Gillian. And if she doesn’t post one in the next couple of hours, the link from Monday will work.

Thanks for your help! I have a copy of the book and have found the link. I can’t join on Mondays and may not make it tonight but will put it in my calendar for future Fridays!

Meant to add Jane dw i!

Awesome. If you join today, anytime between 6-7, you’re welcome to come in late or leave early. We’ll be starting chapter 2