Practice partner

Desperately need a practice partner! I am on Level 1/Challenge 12 (Southern), and have not yet been able to practice speaking Welsh. Live in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Hi @nicola-loveridge

I did the southern course and can help if you are stuck.

There may be other people on Slack in your exact situation - have you tried that?..but I can definitely help if you need it! (Via zoom or Skype or Slack)

I pre-dated the structured courses - just - so worked through the material myself - but am familiar with the tasks (sort of) - and have listened to people’s sentences before…even gogs :wink:

Rich :slight_smile:

Hi Nicola
I have just read your message. I am desperate for a partner to practice too! I am on Level 1/Challenge 10 as of today (July 18 2020!) I live in Monmouthshire but delighted to try to chat via zoom or old fashioned telephone call.



Hi Nicola, I’m a Southie too, and behind on practice. Happy to zoom today or next week!

Best regards

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Thank you for responding to my cry of help! I have had a few responses so I decided to return messages to all.
At this moment in time I would appreciate the chance to practice speaking some Welsh.
I work 9-2 Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and Friday so would only be available afternoon or evening on those days. Any other days/times I may be free but you may need to check with me first.

Hi Nicola I live in Pembrokeshire too.
Would be happy to chat with you. I have been learning for about four months.

Hi Maggie
I started Challenge 21 today. I would absolutely love it if we could meet up (socially distancing of course) or video link perhaps? I’m desperate to start welsh speaking practice. I have linked up with a lady called Karen from Monmouthshire but at times it’s a bit hit and miss (we link up once a week generally). I live in Keeston.
Will PM you my phone number, if you would like to contact me by call or message. I work part-time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings so probably after 2pm would suit if you want to call.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Maggie,
Linked up this afternoon with Karen and mentioned you. Karen would like to join in as well so perhaps we could arrange a video call. What do you think?

Nikki, you might want to edit your post to remove your phone number and send it to Maggie by a private message. This is quite a public forum and anyone can see it here. I don’t know if you’ve sent private messages before but if you’re new to it press/click your image or letter N at the top right hand corner of the screen, and then the envelope and go on from there.

Thank you @margaretnock for the advice. I have edited the post and will PM Maggie.