POSTPONED: Llangollen Welsh learners session

Would anyone near Llangollen be interested in this? I am one of the organisers at Llangollen Community garden, and would like to find out whether anyone would be interested in coming along to the session provisionally advertised below…

We would aim to conduct the entire gardening session using Welsh only.

Welsh learners session at Llangollen community garden
Thursday 22nd May
7.30pm – 9pm
Come along and enjoy putting your Welsh to a very practical use! Don’t worry, it won’t be too intense, and will involve lots of tea and biscuits.
Ideal for intermediate level learners, or those who have completed ‘Say Something in Welsh’ course 1.

Sesiwn siarad ar gardd cymuned Llangollen
Dydd Iau 22il Mai
7.30yp – 9yp
Dewch draw i fwynhau rhoi eich Cymraeg i ddefnydd ymarferol iawn! Peidiwch â phoeni, na fydd o’n rhy galed, a bydd yn gynnwys llawer o de a bisgedi.
Fydd yr sesiwn yn delfrydol ar gyfer dysgwyr o lefel ganolradd gyda rhywfaint o brofiad, neu rhai sydd wedi cwblhau’r ‘Say Something in Welsh course 1’.

This is a fabulous idea, thanks for sharing and thanks for putting together such a wonderful idea. I see this as an unmissable opportunity for gardeners who are also learners, I’ll definitely spread the word.

Diolch! :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr Catrin.

If you’ve got half way or more through course 1 and would like to practise, hopefully this will be a perfect opportunity. All welcome; garden experts and novices alike! Ability to drink tea and/or eat biscuits is far more important than having any gardening experience.

If interest is strong, I’m hoping it will become a monthly session.

For anyone who is thinking of coming along, here’s a bit of vocab that might help out…

Spade - Rhaw
Fork - fforch
Trowel – trywel
Wheelbarrow – berfa
Shed – sied
Gloves – Menig
Watering can - dyfrio gall
To dig – Palu
To weed – chwynna
To plant – plannu
Greenhouse - tŷ gwydr
Hole – Twll
Seed(s) – Had(au)
Slugs – gwlithod
Bee – gwenyn
Flower – Blodyn
Wellies – esgidiau glaw
Stones – cerigach
Prune – thocio
To cut – torri
Hosepipe - pibell ddŵr
Potatoes – Tatws
Onions – winwns

Just a note; There isn’t a shelter at the garden, so if we have torrential rain forecast, we may have to postpone.

If anyone is thinking if coming, please post below or send me a private message - just so we know how many to expect. Thanks.

Sorry, we have now postponed this session until 7.30pm, Thursday 29th May. This is due to a number of factors including some people dropping out and the uncertain weather forecast.

All still very welcome! Please post here or message me if you would like to come along a week on Thursday.