Posting that I have gone pink

I have done the pink challenge but I am finding it difficult to post that I have done it. I have struggled to do this post and I am not completely sure if I am in the right place now. It seems a bit complicated to have to create a new topic to post that, I have done it. Tips would be good. Thank you.


Don’t worry Jan, it takes a while to find your way around the forum - it is a bit of a big beast!
The thread for posting that you’ve done the pink challenge is this one: The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


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Dw i wedi gwneud “gone pink” :blush:

Well done Rebecca :slight_smile:
However, I’ll tag @Novem (who awards the badges) because he may not otherwise see your post here because the badges are awarded from the thread I linked to above.

Diolch, I do not get how to navigate this forum at all :rofl:

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