Posting phone numbers and personal email addresses

Hi everyone,
Just a friendly reminder and word of warning - whilst it’s sometimes convenient to let people know your personal email addresses and/or phone numbers by posting them on threads here, please remember that this is not a private forum - it is open and searchable on the web (and we wouldn’t want you accidently picking up spammers and scammers when their bots sweep the web for info like this), so it’s much safer to only pass on details like these in private messages (if you’re not sure how to send/receive private messages, just say and it can be explained), but if you’re happy to post personal details and have them on show, that’s up to you.


Thanks for info Siaron how can I contact people privately I have 5 interested members in Surrey that wish to connect and I don’t know how to link us via the forum ?
Thanks so much

You can send them all a private message (you should be able to do them as a group rather than individually)

First, click on your icon in the top right of the screen, then click on the little envelope. This will take you to the private message section. Click on the blue “New Message” button.

Add the forum names of the people you want to contact (maybe easier to make a note of these first!) and the type your message in the box. To send it to them all, just press the blue “Message” button at the bottom.

When they receive a private message like this, they’ll get a little green dot next to their icon in the top right corner of the screen, and to retrieve the message, they just need to click on their icon and then click on your name with the envelope by it. They can then reply within the message and it will all be private between you - it won’t appear on the forum, only to the people you’ve added to the message (but you can add other people to the same message chain later if you need to).

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