Post-level 3 - What next?

Haia pawb

So, i’ve finally finished level 3, southern course. It’s taken me a looooong time. But I do get a reasonable amount of practice speaking, but less and less nowadays as my welsh-speaking friends have left my area. I attend slack group chats whenever possible. I listen to Radio Cymru most days and always listening to Welsh music. But there’s definitely a feeling of not knowing what’s the best next step. I want to progress, I know I can become fluent in Welsh, but some advice on what other people have done after finishing the course would be great.

I have a big trip abroad planned for next April, otherwise I would have looked into doing a course in Cardiff. I have tried dosbarthau noson, really found them quite useless.

Basically, any advice would be great. Thanks!


Fantastic. Congratulations on your achievement and hard work. :sunny: :1st_place_medal: :trophy: :+1:

Personally, apart from Speaking whenever possible, I moved onto the advanced content, did some reading (sticking to non-literary stuff to begin with)…and used what are effectively transcripts of the news on the BBC Cymru Fyw website, to prise open the door to understanding of programs like Post Cyntaf and Post Prynhawn on Radio Cymru…(similar idea to advanced content but on the news).

I also listened to the Northern course, and the old courses which seemed great to me, to be honest…dash of salt, couple of lambs tails…simmer for a couple of months…and Bob’s your Aunty.

Good luck…if you’ve been having regular conversations I suspect you are in pretty good shape already.

Rich :smile:

I’m doing exactly what @rich says. Radio, TV, advanced content, old course south. Not looked at north course yet. I also read books from the Amdani series.

My aim is to have at least an hour a day in welsh media plus whatever conversations I can find. And well done for finishing level 3.

I was totally made up on the day I did challenge 25.


Congratulations! - Completing level 3 is a brilliant achievement. And what everyone else has said so far is a pretty good way of moving on.

Where are you living now, Jack? The very best way to develop your Welsh is to do something useful with it. If you live a part of your life through Welsh, whether that’s because you live in Caernarfon and can shop in Welsh, or whether your in California and you have an ongoing online Chess match with a Wels-speaking friend from New South Wales.

Finding some people with a shared interest that you can chat with regularly is just as good as having people with a shared geography.

Suddenly, I’m uncertain. Are you the same jack that came on Bwtcamp in the (sadly brokebn) white hilux? In which case, I know you can become fluent as well, because I’ve seen you being fluent!


Congratulations on a fantastic achievement! :tada:

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There is some old material online which I followed years ago but its still available. . bbc. learning welsh. have a look for original catchphrase. ysbyty Brynaber. you can download mp3 with English translation.
Its a good story and easy to follow.
Brian Gillam

I’ve just finished Level Three (Southern course) and I’ve had some fantastically interesting conversations with lovely women via wsp on slack @iona, @ann-6 @Clairesimmons @caz, @BronwenLewis etc. etc.
I need to engage in more conversations and hangouts next, as I don’t live in a Welsh Speaking area.
My initial motivations were to be able to watch and understand ‘Pobol y Cym’ without English subtitles (all…most, especially Kelly!) and to be able to visit Cymru and speak Cymraeg to people in the shops and trains (hopefully in 2021).
I enjoy listening to Radio Cymru and watching drama on S4C.
Diolch yn galon i Iestyn, Cat, Aran, Cat, Dee, Nia etc etc etc.
I’ve had so much fun and loved every week. I can now speak Welsh!! :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::slightly_smiling_face:
Next it’s SaySomethinginginCornish and Spanish!
Pob lwc i pawb a Nadolig llawen.
All the best, Linda xx


Sorry for the terribly late reply!

I’m living in Llantrisant, since a little before Christmas. I’m not sure what the next couple months will bring, but may have to move back to London for work. I speak with a friend here in Welsh a lot.

ahahaha! yes that is me! i very much miss that truck. And living in a welsh-speaking area!> Blockquote

I hope you’re well Iestyn. Hopefully we’ll get to chat again one of these days.

Thanks, i have downloaded quite a few of their catchphrase worksheets. They have a tonne that are broken as i don’t think they do them anymore, but they are great resources if they work.

Thanks very much Anna!

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Jack, your Welsh is most definitely fluent - I remember you were on the first hangout I joined, and I was really impressed!

I ve got Catchphrase lessons 1-144 - text. To help some people i ve been working with I ve recorded the texts up to lesson 104 - just a straight reading of whats on the page.(I couldnt get on with the formal lesson structure as origianlly recorded) If anyone would like to try a couple of lessons to see if they d be useful let me know. There s a lot of useful stuff in it.